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Eolys fluid ford focus

All this makes for worrying reading I mean to get these emissions down they we the owner has to pay for an extra additive? Yes exactly, there is a cost involved with this type of DPF. The current range of DPFs uses different technology that doesn't require the use of special fluid to burn off the soot.

However, cost is not the only consideration, the exhaust emitted is substantially cleaner than diesels not fitted without a DPF, which translates to fewer people either dying or who's health suffers adversely, those are the main reasons diesel engines vehicles are fitted with a DPF, there are unbelievers who don't accept these facts but that's humans for you.

As far as I know diesels that use Eolys fluid can regen at a much lower temperature this is good! Without this much higher temperatures are required for passive regen otherwise regens require extra CR diesel injections - just before exhaust strokes - this feeds DPFs with diesel equired for regens but also can have a side effect of diesel bore wash and sump oil contamination.

Ultimately this can cause many problems - premature failure of bores, big ends, main bearings and catastrophic failure due to engine runnaway on diesel contaminated sump-oil. Point well made. I would add that Eolys leads to less wasted diesel. Eolys gets a bad rep, but it's not all bad. It's a shame that the refilling precedure is such a palaver.

Where to get some DPX42 eolys diesel particulate filter fluid

I can see a lot of 1. I have had endless problems with my 1. In regards to the DPF I began to notice my mpg drop ridiculously last summer followed by it going into limp mode on 3 occasions. The 1st two times Ford forced the car into regeneration which cleared the problem and on the 2nd topped up the serum. On the 3rd breakdown whilst travelling on a motorway in the outside lane when my speed dropped from 70 - 40mph in seconds was a terrible experience to try and get back over to the inside lane.

I did look into the DPF cleaning and the removal of it completely from the car but had also heard negatives about future computer problems when the car is to be MOT'd etc. This was at the end of January. Since then when washing my car I have noticed a coke like liquid like glue splats all over the back of my car and on my driveway. I have just had my service and asked them to check the DPF as ever since I have had this liquid splatted over the car. When will the costs end????Hi I suspect that my focus needs a Eolys top up, it is an expensive business taking it to the garage to do that, I have noticed that you can get it cheap on Ebay, but I need advice on how to find where the tank is and to carry out the procedure.

I would only use the genuine Ford fluid. Then you have the added problem of resetting the dpf system through the diagnostic system.

The tank sits at the back of car by the rear axle beam. It is a very messy job as the fluid is like creosote. May be an idea to give Ford dealer a call as they often do a special offer on this job as they only charge for the fluid used.

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eolys fluid ford focus

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Ford Diesel Particulate Filter DPF FAQ – Fiesta / Focus / Mondeo

Related questions. What car should we buy for using four months of the year in the UK?This will undoubtedly be a familiar topic, which I have myself come across however I'm hoping to resolve an issue or two along the way at, hopefully, short notice. The "Engine System Fault" message on the dashboard after a few moments running was the initial indication of a problem.

I've now added approx. I have a "Ford-VCM-OBD" interface and software Bought from the web which allegedly clears the codes and re-reads them, however I cannot seem to clear the codes and the dashboard message.

Previously, when the code first appeared I was able to clear it, for a few days. I've tried the "Fuel flap" method, of which there is much talk difficult to find on the forums but that hasn't done the trick either. Check the status of the flap sensor, that's working fine. I can reset the FACM counter for you if you can get the car to me. If you are struggling to get it sorted send me a PM I'm not far from J Not sure what the software you have is able to do but it clears codes but doesn't have the option to reset the counter so the code will keep coming back.

Tank capacity should be 1. Meant to reply to this earlier but it was good to meet you the other week, glad I could help solve the issue for you by resetting the FACM counter. I assume it has been OK since? This post has been helpful to me. I've resently had the 'Engine Malfunction' light appear and the EML with the P code fuel additive control module and sure enough on inspection I've found my Eloys tank to be empty!

I've refilled it and reset the EML but the Engine Malfuntion light and bleeper still operate so think I will try my skills next with the 'Forscan' software. I've just ordered the cable off ebay. I'm hoping its going to be easy and stright forward! I'll keep you posted. Aftermarket PAT fluid from ebay or amazon comes in 1 litre bottles.

Beware of the filling kit though, I got sent the wrong one. Thank you. I have refilled the additive tank last year and later on, cleaned the DPF. Today, after I have puted fuel in the tank, the engine malfunction alert happened and errors that I have low additive level. Strange thing, before I have filled the additive tank, I had no errors at all and I drove about km. Now, after the refill, I drove about 10 km.

I used the Forscan to "refill" tank and the engine malfunction disappeared, subsequently the errors too. It is possible I have used or loosed all the adidive? It is a way to see if something is wrong with the tank or if I have additive left? You can post now and register later.

If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor.By hawkerApril 16, in Ford Focus Club.

I purchased My 1. It was previously a leased company car which had a full service history but not at a main dealer, namely the last one at 75, miles being done at a Nationwide AutoCentre. Obviously I dont fancy forking out that sort of money at all, and I cant afford it at the moment anyway, so if the DPF gives up the ghost, what is the worst that can happen?

Will it affect the drive or just impact on emissions. Could I get the work done independently, and just get Ford to just reset it?

Yep I bought a 54 plate Volvo S40 2. Means just on that count running my 1. But obviously servicing a Focus is a lot cheaper than servicing an S Obviously on a 1. As to will it still run with a clogged DPF, no the engine management will put it in "limp home mode" at the very least.

Removing the DPF, may also put the engine management into failure mode. Not sure so don't quote me, best you seek advice. A bit of black smoke from the exhaust is bearable when you consider the cost of replacing the dpf and the running problems dpf's have caused for some diesels.

Are there any tell-tale signs to look out for in the way the car behaves when the DPF is starting to go before the pretty drastic sounding "limp home mode" kicks in? So it would be less power and the car not revving beyond a certain point in the rev range in my instance it was 3k rpm and not going above 60mph.

Also it would be accompanied by a warning light. Its pretty obvious when limp home has ocurred due to performance drop off. From what I've read dpf problems are apparent due to running problems with the car especially in terms of power delivery. In that did it have the Eloys additive renewed at that service. And the engine management reset [this is to let the EM system that said renewal of additive has taken place] If it has not been done, then get it done, because if it is empty and the DPF blocks and needs a "forced Regeneration" done, and even if that is successful [no need to renew the filter] you will end up with the cost of a FG and a cost of replenishing the additive.

So my advice would be as outlined above, now. Now dependent on the mileage the car has done, different scenarios apply. So on that measure and in compliance with the maintenance schedule the DPF replacement is not due until 75k or the sixth year service[which ever comes first]So that being the case that is two years into the future. I hope the above is helpful to you. In that you read all the horror stories and start "bricking yourself".

Don't panic, just work out your options. For instance look at the "! So what I'm saying is, if you like the car, and considering your annual perceived mileage. Why not opt for the DPF replacement cost when it comes about?

I reckon it will be the cheaper option for you, as the next DPF cost will be three years into the future, with a additive top up, and your fuel savings will have well compensated for that additional cost. My car is on 97K, so i am indeed on borrowed time. I'll have a look through the paperwork and check the 36K service, but even if it was done then, its going to have to happen again pretty soon.

I've seen a Y reg Audi A3 1.Posted by Karl Jan 19, dpf-diesel-particulate-filter 5. We hope you find this page helpful so please share, like and comment so this page can help as many of your fellow Ford owners as possible. Its contained in a little tank behind the fuel tank any is added to the fuel system automatically.

Weather or not this is a good idea is not my call. Having it done by Ford could be in your favor if you have a complaint or issue within your warranty period, even though DPF filters are not commonly covered by even the most inclusive of vehicle warranties. The tank is located just behind the fuel tank and features a filling pipe to the side of the unit.

The plug has a cap on the end which can be a little fiddly without the car up in the air. If completely empty it will take about 1. With that out of the way please find below the details for each Ford Model. Below are some quick links to help you jump down the page without scrolling. The mighty Fiesta.

Used car DPF problem

Its been the number one selling car in the UK for longer than we can care to remember. Unfortunately the super-mini has been equipped with a DPF filter since before Please find below extracts from the manual. The DPF forms part of the emissions reduction systems fitted to your vehicle. It filters harmful diesel particulates soot from the exhaust gas. The DPF regeneration process creates very high exhaust gas temperatures and the exhaust will radiate a considerable amount of heat during and after DPF regeneration, and after you have switched the engine off.

This is a potential fire hazard. Unlike a normal filter which requires periodic replacement, the DPF has been designed to regenerate, or clean itself to maintain operating efficiency. The regeneration process takes place automatically. However, some driving conditions mean that you may need to support the regeneration process. If you drive only short distances or your journeys contain frequent stopping and starting, occasional trips with the following conditions could assist the regeneration process:.

As you will see — Ford are a very unspecific with regards to the exact speed and RPM required.

How to clean a blocked DPF Ford Focus

I would aim for about 70MPH in 4th or 5th 6th gear dependent. The revs should be in excess of RPM. Thankfully Ford have give owners of the new Ford Fiesta much more to work with. But sadly they do not give the option for a manual regeneration like in the new Focus and. You must carry out occasional trips with the following conditions to assist the regeneration process:. This information is much like the Fiesta however their Focus owners manual seems to be missing the juicy information we need.

Ford went to town with this lot!We use cookies to make the site easier to use. Read our cookies policy. Household Bills. About the site. MSE's Editorial Code. How we're financed. Martin's blog. New Post. Go to Category. Grabbit while you can It's Gone, but was it any good? I won! Coronavirus: The latest from MSE The MSE team is working extremely hard to keep the info we have about your travel rights, cancellation rights, sick pay and more up to date. Bought a Focus 1.

Took it to the dealer, who put some additive in and cleared the diagnostic messages. Car seemed to be ok after that until last week, when it began hesitating alot, and there was lots of lag when accelerating. I went back to the dealer who diagnosed a stuck egr valve, which he has now replaced. Unfortunately, before I could take it to him to have the work done, the DPF message came back and it went into limp mode. The dealer said he would top up the Eolys fluid and get it reset at a Ford garage.

Car was due to be returned over the weekend, but I am still waiting for it. When I call, he says the egr is done, but they are having problems clearing the DPF fault because the filter is blocked. Currently they are trying to vacuum it out or something.

I checked with ford who told me the DPF should be replaced at 75, miles, so I contacted the Ford dealer who did that service, and they said it wasn't done because the owner fleet company didn't want to pay. So the supposed full service history is worthless, as is the used car warranty that I got with the car, as about the only worthwhile thing that covers is the turbo, and if that goes they will just say hard luck but the service schedule wasn't followed.

My impression at the moment is the dealer is trying to postpone the inevitable - the dpf needs replacing, but he doesn't want to pay and would rather bodge it long enough that he can wash his hands of it and let me pay for a new filter at some point down the line.

My question is, if I can show that the filter was blocked from the moment I bought the car the light came on within 3 days taking possession of the car, and I have an email conversation regarding that in my inbox then can I just let him mess around now, and when the filter starts playing up again in say 6 monthshave it replaced and send him the invoice? It might be worth arguing the fact that it was sold with a "full service" history which wasnt true and that they should pay the bill.

Or even better drive it back to them, get your cash back for misrepresentation and buy a petrol instead. Strider Forumite He's got a point, if you don't do the miles to justify it then a petrol is a more sensible buy as they are generally cheaper to maintain and fix. When I made the thread I knew it would get sidetracked onto the benefits of dpfs Also I don't think I'd get anywhere arguing about the full service history, or lack of.

It has all the stamps at the required intervals, and the proper service schedule has been followed - it's just the optional stuff that hasn't been done such as replacing the dpf at 75, because Ford recommend it.

The lesson here for me is that fleet companies will only do the minimum required to keep the car running for the 3 years or so they have the car - what happens beyond that is not their concern.Hi, Iv'e just bought a 1. It seems that the DPF fluid eolys was not topped-up at its 37,mile service so I want to do it myself. I was thinking of using an after market product. Have any of you guys used this stuff and if so is it ok.

I bought it from car super market Fords of Winsford.

eolys fluid ford focus

Im not having a problem with the car, no lights on dash etc, as yet but the last service was done at kwik-fit, spoke to previous owner and he said he only had a "normal" service so can only assume dpf fluid was not topped-up.

Im only doing the dpf top-up for peace of mind.

eolys fluid ford focus

I wouldnt waste your time on it. Ford should have performed the service before handing the keys to you, and therefore, if the fluid was due topup then, they had the requirement to put it in for you. If they didnt, threaten to hand the car back Also you need to have the cars computer reset to let it know the top up has been performed. Unfortunately looks like Ford can only do this service at moment as far as i know. Well thanks for your input guys but yesterday I decided to order 2 lts of the jlm pat fluid.

Well it arrived this morning at 7. It took me about half an hour to jack-up car, put fluid in, lower car and then re-set ecu counter. Ignition and Fuel Cap method? I have tried following the fuel filler flap procedure outlined in the Haynes manual Ford Focus 1.

Any idea why this happens? Also, could you provide a link to the information you mention at the FFOC site as I can't seem to find it? From memory, if you read the haynes manual it states that "MIL or PCL will illuminate to indicate that resetting has been achieved, turn ignition to 0 then to position II, lights should now not illuminate.

Could you post the relevant information here instead? NOTE: This procedure must only be carried out if the vehicle has reached the recommended additive filling service interval, with the additive tank level being above the low or empty level with the malfunction indicator lamp MIL and powertrain control lamp PCL not illuminated. NOTE: The fuel additive system service reset procedure will exit the resetting mode automatically if the following tasks are not completed within the specified time limit.

NOTE: The following procedure must be read through and completely understood before attempting the fuel additive system service reset procedure. NOTE: The following sequence must be started within 60 seconds after the ignition key has been switched to position II.

NOTE: The following sequence must be completed within 10 seconds after the fuel filler flap has been opened. NOTE: The following sequence must be started within 15 to 30 seconds after the fuel filler flap has been closed.

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